With hybrids, drones and autonomous machinery now a reality – technology which would have previously been regarded as science fiction – is becoming common place on construction sites throughout the world.

So we thought we’d take a look at what the future could still hold – according to five leading equipment manufacturers – to give an insight into the type of technology we might be seeing on job sites, sooner rather later!

JCB – a vision of the future

With machines walking and flying, JCB’s “Vision of the future” could easily pass for a scene from Transformers or I,Robot, but maybe some of these innovations will become reality sooner than we think!

See the video here.

Komatsu – smart construction

In 2017 Komatsu has heavily promoted their Smart Construction concept which they believe will shape jobsites of the future. From drone mapping, to 3D data services and remote monitoring – Smart Construction promises a suite of products and services delivering an end-to-end solution for construction project management.

See the concept movie here.

Caterpillar – augmented reality.

Away from the metal side of machinery, Caterpillar is using augmented reality and virtual reality technology to, as they describe it, bring data to life. With this technology already up and running, it will be exciting to see how these CAT innovations develop.

See it action.

John Deere – backhoe of the future

This year John Deere presented their concept for the backhoe loader of the future, which generated global attention when it was launched at the 2017 ConExpo in Las Vegas. Featuring airless tyres and augmented reality controls, the machine concept was developed in partnership with BWM-subsidiary Designworks.

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Volvo – future concepts

With a range of dramatically named concept machines – Centaur, Fenix, Gryphin, SfinX and GaiaX – Volvo say their machines of the future will be based around, “Carbon neutral, autonomous machinery, building on the energy efficiency and security that always comes first for Volvo.”

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