Going for growth with Shropshire Business Partnership

Hawk Group Board Director Paul Allman has recently returned from a meeting with the Shropshire Business Partnership (SBP) where he was invited to give a presentation to the group.



The Shropshire Business Partnership is an independent network for professional and business services companies in Shropshire, run by its members for its members. Paul was invited to speak about the history of Hawk, some of our awards in recent years and the Hawk’s future growth plans.

The presentation was all part of SBP’s ‘Going for Growth’ campaign which is a focus throughout 2016. It was a real pleasure for Hawk to attend the meeting as Paul Allman explained, “I would like to thank the SBP for the invitation to present: it was wonderful to be able to speak to the group and to meet leaders from some of the biggest and brightest companies in the region.”